Montessori Pedagogy

«Only when one has fully been a child, one becomes a well-balanced adult .»
Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori determined more than 100 years ago that: "The child is the builder of the human being." The Montessori pedagogy, therefore, considers education as a holistic unit. It sees the child as an independant and responsible human being. The Montessori method allows children to absorb the learning contents in an optimal way, according to their "sensible phases" while giving them time, appropriate materials, and providing them the help they need. Children, we believe, are especially receptive in those sensitive phases.

The diverse materials developed by Maria Montesoori extend to several areas, such as practical life, sensorial work, language, mathematics, and culture. The child can move freely in the school classrooms, choosing their activities on their own, and working on them as long as they need to.

Our goal is to support the child during their independent work, at the right moment.